People forget that President Trump likes to plan ahead. Yes, Trump does like to pop off with sometimes ill-advised statements and he doesn’t like losing but he generally does signal that he has a plan or a series of political plans that he’s working on. In order to understand Trump, one must recognize that his actual job background is that of a construction and real estate mogul, and he has learned how to game the stock markets and financial centers over time. Because of his billion-dollar business empire, he’s got a far better grasp on how to develop and use applied technology and economic theory than most people give him credit for. All they see are what Trump lets them see, which is a George Steinbrenner/Vince McMahon caricature that bloviates endlessly. That being said- what actually is Trump’s long-term grand political strategy?

Let’s look at what we know so far. Trump began planning around 2011-2012 for a real presidential run after Obama was out of office. He knew that the GOP field would be wide open, and his ideas fit in better with the Tea Party crowd, and would bring back many disaffected GOP’ers to the fold. He also knew he’d run into resistance from conservatives on his right and center flanks. And he ran away with the primary, and forced the GOP to follow in his wake. I know- I watched it happen as someone who didn’t initially like Trump, but grew to like him over time.

He won the general election by pissing the media off and letting them do the hard work for him. They basically gave him free advertising. But what most people don’t know is that Trump went out of his way to hire really smart internet and social media influencers/marketers who could guide him through the miasma that is Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube. They spent millions of dollars on memes and social media outreach, and ultimately spent half the money that Hillary tossed out the window in the election. Remember, Trump planned this out. He expected to put himself in position to win. And he did.

Yeah, it was close. But notice that Hillary didn’t contest the election (it was close in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin). Considering how much cheating Hillary was probably doing, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the actual election wasn’t that close. Trump won, and effectively predicted that outcome months in advance.

How many of you knew that Trump began raising funds for his reelection campaign in November 2016? And that he filed for reelection in January 2017? So far, he’s raised over $100 Million (and that’s without counting his own personal financial war chest). He also hired Brad Parscale- the guy who spearheaded his social media victory in 2016- to run his reelection campaign. Trump has a long-term plan, and he’s busy laying the groundwork for it.

Part II is coming!

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