Regarding the FISA Spygate scandal, people have wondered if Team Trump was trying to get ahead of the legal game by leveling threats against the Mueller investigation on twitter, acting impulsive in interviews, and flip-flopping on the collusion/obstruction issues. The liberal media believes that its keystone kops all the way down with Team Trump, and they’re setting themselves up for the long fall. Of course, I don’t buy the left’s narrative.

The most the left has to show for their 2-year long collusion meme is that Don Jr met with some Russians (who probably were FBI/CIA plants in the first place) and Trump’s short-lived campaign manager Manafort’s tax fraud trial. That’s it- not a lot to show for what was supposed to be the “biggest crime since Watergate.”

I happen to think that the upper echelons of the FBI and CIA conspired together, along with Obama and Hillary, to screw over the main GOP candidates in the 2016 election. The Comeys and the Strzoks out there were supposed to get cushy jobs in and out of government as payment for their work. And then Trump won the election, and all hell broke loose as the conspirators tried to cover their tracks (and sabotage/overthrow President-Elect Trump).

This guy should never have been anywhere near the Trump investigation.

And now, for the big question: What if Trump knew the whole time what was going on with the Spygate? What if he’s been (intentionally) stringing everyone else along for the ride?

Think about it- Trump is one of the big Atlantic City casino owners. In order to protect his casino investments, he has to have the kind of IT security that the Pentagon can’t buy. You mean to tell me that the FBI (and CIA) hacked into his system and he didn’t know about it?

Think about it for a second: How could Trump have won the election with the FBI feeding information to Obama and Hillary? Occam’s razor says that Trump knew about their spy operation all along and fed them disinformation. This helped him outmaneuver Hillary’s campaign during the election and surprise everyone on the left by winning the Presidency.

And now we have one of Trump’s key lawyers, Rudy Giuliani, telling Mueller to wrap up his investigation by September or else he’s going to be in trouble. And it’s not an idle threat- Rudy connected some of the dots between Mueller and the Spygate scandal. And lo and behold! In regard to the Russian Dossier’s creation, we’re getting new info about the guy who wrote it, Christopher Steele. The new evidence points to him working with the Hillary campaign before meeting with the FBI, schilling for Russian oligarchs, and also working with the FBI even after he was fired for leaking to the press. Plus, the evidence shows that his work was sloppy, and the FBI knew it. Why is this coming out now, rather than 5 months ago?


The Mueller/Spygate and Steele/FBI details that have been leaked out tells me that Trump’s been sitting on a goldmine of information that has not yet been revealed to the public. And I need to remind everyone that President Trump has the highest security clearance (and authority) in the government. He has likely seen all the information pertaining to the Spygate scandal and knows why it was started, who signed off on it, how it was implemented, etc, etc.

Trump’s waiting for the right moment to reveal the motherload of information. Mueller’s a Republican (at least in theory), and he’s still got a lot of friends on Capitol Hill. He also has lot so friends still in the FBI. I believe that Trump’s trying to give Mueller a way out before he loses everything and burns professional and personal bridges that can’t be rebuilt. Once Trump drops his Spygate bomb, all bets will be off, and side figures like Mueller will be collateral damage. Trump can say “hey, I gave him an out” and be completely sincere in saying that.


So, to recap: Trump’s known all along about Spygate. He probably didn’t know the whole details until after he became President, and he has been smart enough to let the information dribble out in drip after drip, keeping the public informed and waiting for more.

This all begs another question: What will happen when Spygate is fully revealed to the public?

That’s a topic for tomorrow 😀


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