There’s a huge problem with the Russian Collusion paradigm in the media, and few people are willing to talk about it. It’s really simple: If Russia tried to attack the US during the election through cyberwarfare, but everyone in the intel and hacking community say that it had no actual effect on the election, does any level of collusion between US and Russian figures matter?

Let’s break this down a bit:

1. We have no evidence that the Russians hacked the DNC servers. The Democratic Party and their IT experts, Crowdstrike say “trust us,” but it is not viable without actually getting a hold of the DNC servers. And since the DNC has refused to turn the servers over as evidence to the present day, Occam’s Razor tells me that there never was a hack in the first place, and Crowdstrike is hiding this from the public.


2. The Obama Administration didn’t do anything when the hacks happened. We only learned about the DNC data only after Wikileaks dumped it on the internet for the world to see. Oh, and apparently Obama told his cyber chief, Michael Daniel, to stand down and not counterattack against the Russians in the summer of 2016. Why was Obama complacent about the supposed Russian hack attack? They should have known about the hack the moment it happened, or shortly thereafter, and they didn’t follow up until after Trump won the election. Why the disinterest in all of this?

3. Podesta, one of the heads of the DNC and a Clinton Consigliere, had his emails stolen by “spearfishing.” This is no different than a malware attack on your computer. His security password was “password.” This isn’t hard to crack, folks. You don’t need quantum coding to do it. It also does not need Russian hackers in the military or Kremlin to do it. Poedsta’s emails were probably taken by a random bot farm that hit up a lot of email addresses at the same time- and managed to snag a Democratic big-wig in the process. MAYBE someone figured out that they had Podesta’s emails and then sold it to Russia, China, and they eventually made their way to Wikileaks. This is not some James Bond level espionage- this is just a sad tale of Podesta’s magnificent stupidity with computers.

Podesta should take responsibility for his stupidity.

4. The Russians bought a miniscule amount of propaganda ad buys on social media. Estimates I’ve seen range from $95.000 to $1 Million. That’s it. That’s not going to move the needle. No one buys this argument anymore. Oh, and they also gave money to the Green candidate, Jill Stein. This does not fit the narrative, does it?

5. How the hell was Russia supposed to know that Trump would win the nomination, let alone the Presidency? He was a longshot of longshots at the start. I didn’t see it coming until at least April 2016. The DNC hacks were from BEFORE April. Trump only became a viable candidate in September when he bought Bannon and Kelly-Anne Conway on board. The Russians wouldn’t have bet on him. If they hacked the DNC it was purely designed to create instability and destabilize the election process- and not throw it for a specific candidate.

6. Apparently the RNC stopped someone(s) from hacking their databases as well. If this turned out to be the Russians (and the RNC has never confirmed this) tried to hack them, this also does not fit the narrative. It means the Russians were simply dumpster diving for information from all potential angles- which denotes an operation solely to gather info (if possible) and not a campaign to unbalance the US election. If I’m the Russians, of course I do this. It’s standard fare hacking/counterintel work, and all intel agencies do it. It’s the Russian intelligence community’s job to try to hack into our stuff- just as much as it’s our intel community’s job to hack into their stuff. The left is just trying to create a narrative- ANY narrative- to say “but but but but but Hillary lost! Unpossible!”

7. The Russian Dossier is nothing more than a piece of crap and has no value whatsoever. It was created by Fusion GPS as fake news to bamboozle the FBI and CIA into wiretapping into Trump’s campaign. And it was probably bought and paid for by Pro-Hillary/Obama operatives in the FBI and CIA in the first place. Anyone who uses the Dossier as a talking point should be treated with scorn. And the real scandal is that the Obama Administration spied on Trump.

Really, the DNC fiasco is entirely on Clinton and the DNC. 

8. Obama repeatedly said that the election was not hacked. His intel agencies said that the election as not hacked. Rosenstein, in his kabuki theater indictments of Russian military intel figures, admitted that no American was involved, AND it didn’t affect the election. So………why are we bitching about Russia, Collusion, and Trump? This does not jive with the assertion that Russia and Trump colluded to steal the election.

9. Trump has been incredibly tough on Russia. He’s levied financial and trade sanctions against them, openly supplied the Ukraine with military weaponry, attacked Russian “mercenaries” in Syria, and wants to move NATO to Poland. This does not sound like someone who wants to be best friends with Russia.

Trump is America First. Not Russia or EU or NATO first. 

Honestly, the whole Russian collusion paradigm is all about narrative driven talking points, and nothing more. The left can’t deal (just like in 2000 and 2004) with Republicans winning elections. And they need their narratives to excuse defeat over and over again, always making it someone else’s fault. And Nevertrumpers want to help them, because they can’t stand an outsider like Trump beating their precious Jeb “Please Clap” Bush. The bottom line is that you can’t say “all is fine, the election wasn’t damaged” and “Trump and Russia colluded to throw the election to Trump” at the same time. Pick one. Not both.

This is always evergreen to me 🙂

But they apparently do want to pick both. That’s the fatal flaw in their narrative.

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