Rod Rosenstein, the Deputy Director of the FBI, made a huge announcement yesterday about indicting a bunch of Russian military officials for hacking the 2016 election. The problem is that Rosenstein has nothing to really show for his indictments, and the whole thing looks like a dog and pony show. Worse, he exposed the FBI to criticism and let people look inside their decision-making processes and see just how politically motivated and biased their upper echelons are. In short: Rosenstein revealed that he’s a partisan hack, and I fully expect the GOP Congress (and Trump) to destroy Rosenstein in the coming weeks.


Rosenstein made a few key errors. The first error is that he let the #2 guy in the FBI’s counterintelligence division, Peter Strzok, testify on Thursday. Just to refresh your memory, Strzok was one of the point men on the Hillary Email and Russian Collusion investigations, and he was the guy who was texting his lover about “stopping Trump.” The IG Report from a few months ago all but called him a biased and incredulous operative. Strzok’s testimony before the House was a nightmare of bad optics and theater for the left and their FBI friends. Strzok couldn’t contain his emotions, and he looked like a serial killer whenever a Republican talked to him. He also contradicted himself repeatedly and should never, ever, ever have been given the keys to the FBI’s kingdom. Notice that the leftist media isn’t talking about him? They know how bad he was and want to memory hole him.

Yes, this really happened. And this is in REAL TIME.

Enter Rod Rosenstein and his Russian indictments. Rosenstein compounded the Strzok testimony with his second error: he indicted a bunch of Russian military officials and has nothing tangible to show for it. The timing of the indictments is suspicious, because it came right after Strzok’s horrible testimonial black eye for the FBI and Trump’s overseas meetings in Europe and Russia (also, how much was Trump aware of these indictments ahead of time?). If the FBI wanted to change the media’s narrative away from Strzok, these indictments would certainly do it. And if they also wanted to pressure Trump to be “tough” on the Russians, that would also have a similar effect (pressuring the President is a bad idea, though). But in the process, Rosenstein exposed the FBI’s inner workings to everyone.

bonner Governement-iceberg1

I have no love for Russia, and I consider them to be bad and rogue actors on the world stage. That being said, the indictments are short on evidence and long on theater. Until I hear otherwise, the Democrats and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) have not let anyone look at their servers and computers that they claim were hacked by Russia. These servers remain in the hands of the DNC’s in-house computer IT group, Crowdstrike, who have not let anyone actually look at them. As a result, I don’t think there ever WERE any hacks; I’ve long believed that the information was captured by pro-Bernie insiders who copied and leaked the information out. The Russian indictments have no evidentiary basis and are junk. None of the Russians will face trial and the courts will convict no one. There is no legal purpose to these indictments; it only serves to be political theater to act as a diversion for the Democrats and their Deep State buddies.


You never let anyone take a peak at your cards in poker, and that’s precisely what Rosenstein did. First rule of the Deep State- never let anyone know that there IS a Deep State. Rosenstein let everyone know “I am a swamp creature, and this is how I fight back.” He revealed just how the Deep State operates yesterday. And it’s out in the open. NO ONE on the right is cheering for his indictments. They see it for what it is. He opened the door too much.

EDIT: I should also point out that Rosenstein made a third error: he threw the Trump/Russia Collusion meme in the garbage by repeating over and over that no Americans were involved in the DNC hack. This means that, in order for Rosenstein to save his bacon after the Strzok testimony (and the IG Report), he must throw away the Trump/Russia investigation. He basically threw Mueller under the bus in the process. This is a desperate rearguard by the Deep State and Rosenstein to save themselves from the coming bureaucratic showdown.

And now the GOP Congress wants to impeach him. In theory, he could stay on because the GOP probably won’t get the Department of Justice to follow along with them. But the end run around all of this is that Sessions or Trump can then step in and fire Rosenstein.

I’ll be honest, I really don’t care about Rosenstein in and of himself. I’m more interested in what happens after he’s kicked out of the FBI and the last gatekeepers of the Obama Deep State are gone. My prediction is that we’ll see a whole lot of corruption exposed, and it won’t be pretty.

And now that Rosenstein’s let his lizard mask slip off, that countdown clock has begun.


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