1. I found out that a local deli can make me lox and cheese on a bagel. I am happy- it’s so hard to find this outside of New York and South Florida. So yummy!

2. SCOTUS ruled that Public Unions cannot force workers to join their Union. This is going to wreck state and federal public unions’ ability to shake down their workers and raise funds for Democratic Party candidates and causes. It’s also going to reduce their voter rolls and reduce the power for unions to threaten to go on strike. This will eventually limit the power of the teachers’ unions and other groups to act as an artificial bottleneck on culture to promote socialist ideals and lock conservatives out. That won’t happen anymore- the left will lose out on close to a billion dollars in annual fundraising. It’s going to crimp their ability to flood the field with election resources, and create a more level political-media playing field in the near-future.

3. The socialist 28 year old upstart, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, beat the longtime #4 House Democrat Rep. Joe Crowley in the NY House District primary in a shocking blowout victory. This is actually good news for the GOP because the socialist’s platform is chock-full of bad socialist and SJW talking points that don’t work in the real world. She’s already talking about abolishing ICE and impeaching Trump, and one of her campaign managers is an anti-Semite (). She will be an example of horrible optics for the Democrats when they need to show competence and civility to make their midterm “blue wave” happen. The GOP will use her as a de-facto spokeswoman for all of the Democrats bad ideas- and make it much more likely that the voters view the Dems as out of touch and crazy. Plus, her ideas are so batty and immature that she might well lose what should have been a safe Dem seat in the fall.

4. And of course, the big one finally came: Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy will resign from SCOTUS on July 31st. This means that President Trump will get to nominate another SCOTUS judge to the court. And if it’s anything like Gorsuch has turned out to be, the new member of the court will make the 5-4 right-of-center rulings much more common than it was with Kennedy. Right now conservatives are very happy that the Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell (aka “Cocaine Mitch”) held off from nominating Merrick Garland back in 2016. He’ll get a SCOTUS vote to replace Kennedy in the fall, which will guarantee that the GOP retains the seat no matter what happens in the mid-term elections. We already have Gorsuch, and we’re poised for more. And this will be a generational victory for the right- even with Clarence Thomas potentially retiring in the coming years, the GOP will maintain at least hold onto 5 SCOTUS members for the next 20-30 years. And if Stephen Breyer and Ruth Bader-Ginsburg step down during Trump’s Presidency, we’d likely get a 6-3 or 7-2 court. If that’s the case,

Oh, and the left is not taking this well at all. They are in full blown nuclear meltdown mode over Kennedy’s resignation, and are watching as one of their tentpoles to political gatekeeping is about to be swept away for probably 20 to 30 years. Ever since Roe vs. Wade in 1973 the left has sought to mold American culture and law through the diktats of their radical legal supporters in the state and federal court systems. In Roe, the left won a ruling on abortion that had nothing to do with the case at hand; the judge ruled legislatively from the bench (and superseded Constitutional checks and balances in the process). It’s nigh authoritarian and a circumvention of the roles of Congress and the Presidency. The left got used to winning these court victories over and over again, and used Democratic politicians to make sure that they could stuff the courts with ideologically motivated judges and lawyers to get what they want without having to go to the voters. This structure is about to be blocked for a very, very long time and the left doesn’t know what to do. They got used to having their cake and eating it. Heavens forbid, they might have to actually talk to conservatives and negotiate for their political wishes! Perish the thought!

Note: while I am in favor of conservative laws and judicial interpretations of law (not the same thing), I don’t want the GOP to overdo that and turn the courts into their own playground. But I do want them to FORCE the Democrats to finally play fair and seek political moderation and compromise. This is an important first step in that process. It might work, and if it doesn’t the Democratic Party will find itself hanging out with the Whigs in the ashbin of history.

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