In the wake of the immigration debate, a bunch of Trump Administration and Republican officials over the weekend were harassed by angry leftists. Some were heckled in public, and others were rudely kicked out of restaurants and movie theaters. In one instance, the Florida AG Pam Bondi had to be escorted out of a movie theater by police after leftist protesters became violent. In another instance, Sarah Huckabee-Sanders made reservations at the Red Hen, was seated and started to order, and was kicked out by the owners of the restaurant (who then bragged about it on social media).

Personally, I believe that every business should have the right to kick out anyone they want. The reason doesn’t matter, it’s their business and their decision. I would not want someone shirtless to be in my store. I would also not like screaming kids that are running around without supervision. And if you disagree with a customer’s politics, that’s fine, too.

However, you should suffer the consequences of your actions if you choose to act in a political manner. The Red Hen is located in Virginia’s Rockbridge County, which voted for Trump 62.4% over Hillary in the 2016 election. The restaurant’s leftist owners- who have many online photos of them wearing “pussyhats” on their heads- likely have no support or sympathy from their fellow pro-Trump locals. The case of the Red Hen, they probably will not survive over the long-term with their current owners. They acted rude and unprofessional to Mrs. Sanders and her fellow guests. There’s zero chance they’ll get conservatives to go there without serious mea culpas. Plus, conservatives are busy hacking and trolling them, further reducing their profitability.

Outside of the true believers, how is any of the leftist rantings we’re seeing going to get people still sitting on the proverbial fence to agree with the left? This is how you get More Trump. None of the left’s actions promotes good behavior, and it only serves to make the right angrier than they already are. And by letting leftist bullies get away with it (as they did with Pam Bondi) it creates the impression that there are two different and unequal Americas for the left and the right. And what’s the encore for the left- more political violence? Massacring conservatives? How many Conservatives have to die before people realize the left has gone too far?

And what, pray tell, will happen when the right finally pushes back? Is the left prepared for that?

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