1. I’m enjoying the left having a snitfit over the immigration debate. It’s not like Obama didn’t have the same issue (he did) or that it’s been on the books since 1997 (see SCOTUS Flores decision, and the amended 2016 decisions). This is entirely made out of whole cloth to protect the Democrats from the IG Report- which is in the process of imploding their Russian and Hillary narratives. They’re already going so far overboard with their manufactured outrage that they’re blowing by the Overton window. Peter Fonda and other leftists on social media have made statements that are not only disgusting, but downright evil irrespective of politics. I suspect the left’s media handlers will pivot away from this topic lest their own bad apples carry it too far, and thus lose any leverage over the immigration topic for a while.

2. The IG Report keeps unfolding- FBI officials are being kicked out of the agency, more anti-Trump figures in the FBI are being outed, and Strzok really looks like he was the point man for the deep state’s “stop Trump at all costs” plan. It’s obvious that Comey was at best slow-walking the Hillary investigation, and at worst he was actively sabotaging it. The truth is probably somewhere in between- which is not good for the Democrats. A few weeks ago, Comey’s book was being touted, and then he turned out to be the venal gasbag that Trump always said he was. Pretty much everyone now realizes that Trump’s only mistake was not firing Comey sooner (the President couldn’t, to be fair to him). It’s funny, now that Comey will probably face criminal charges over his leadership failures, the Dems don’t want to talk about him anymore. And Comey has shut up.


More details are going to come out- and the IG Report doesn’t include the criminal investigations that are ongoing (in relation to the Hillary investigation). Those will come out separately- and they’ll each be a hammer blow against the FBI’s anti-Trump faction, Hillary Clinton, and the Mueller Investigation.

3. We’re going to have a 6th military branch (Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard)- the newest addition will be the Space Force! I’m excited for the future, because at some point it will mean SPACE MARINES. And the Warhammer 40K fan in me is gleeping in joy. In all seriousness, in the present the Space Force will focus on missile space defense and satellite control. This will give them at least an operating budget and a structure to build upon for the future. Baby steps will be necessary in order to get bigger and better. It will, over time, develop more military space crews and warships, but they will be very limited in scope and scale (at best, designed to operate in Lower Earth Orbit). We’re a long way away from anything like in Star Trek, Babylon 5, Honor Harrington, or Macross. But we can certainly dream! SPAAAAAACE FOOOOORCE!

Maybe Trump really is the God Emperor, and Mattis is a Primarch. Maybe?

4. One addendum to the immigration debate, although it’s more of a sidebar point I want to make. A lot of people have been asking “why now?” about the immigration hubbub. The real answer is that the Democrats are freaking out about how good Trump looks of late, and it’s killing their polls and voter support. They needed something to not only hide the IG Report, but to also fund-raise off of. This will get some voter support back to them…….in June and maybe July. But not August and definitely not in November. The Democrats blew this issue up far too early- it was clearly orchestrated ahead of time- the media’s narratives were too similar to be spontaneous and organic. This was designed and built……for the fall election news cycle. They had to use it now because their party is bleeding all over the place. It’s going to cost them in October and November.

This never gets old. Ever.

5. A lot of people didn’t see this in the news, but it’s a pretty big piece.. Trump is changing the rules on Obamacare to allow small businesses to band together to get better prices and get their employees out from under the Obamacare exchanges. This will reduce the overall Obamacare pool of paying customers further (further sending it into a fiscal death spiral) and help protect small business from the crushing financial penalties and required payments for the Obamacare exchanges. Plus, businesses will be able to pick and choose what benefits they want from the not-Obamacare plans they get into. That’s going to be a big benefit to bringing in new hires- you close the hiring of them with the benefits. In short, it’s going to make businesses much more attractive to individual workers, and it’s going to restore worker mobility in America.


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