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Before I get into the serious details here, I have one statement to make:

The Inspector General and his IG Report cannot, on its own, press charges against anyone in the FBI and DOJ. That’s not how it works. He can only focus on supporting the federal departmental codes and laws that are on the books. He can’t arrest people- that’s up to the DOJ. And Sessions has said he’ll arrest people. Also, Horowitz (the IG) will likely make his personal comment, thoughts, and recommendations about the FBI’s biases and improper actions to Congress and the DOJ/FBI when he testifies next week. Let them do their job, folks. Stop hyperventilating.


What will follow in the wake of the IG Report on the FBI’s handling of the Hillary Email Investigation? Quite a bit.

1. It will probably force the DOJ to reopen the Hillary investigation because of how badly botched it was in the first place. It’s pretty obvious that the FBI thought Hillary would win the Presidential election and they didn’t want to face the wrath of Madame President. After the criminal referrals and indictments of various FBI officials are handled (remember, that’s sealed information for the time being) I think we’ll see Sessions reopen the Hillary case.


2. Many FBI officials will be fired, jailed, and demoted for their actions denoted in the various IG Reports (including the one that’s out now and upcoming reports). They leaked to the press, took bribes, engaged in improper procedures (that can and did ruin whole investigations), lied to federal investigators and Congress, didn’t admit conflicts of interest, obstructed justice, etc. I’m pretty sure there will be a lot more that I haven’t discussed. A wholesale change of the FBI’s leadership and culture is going to happen. I would not want to be a Democrat playing pay-for-play games at this point, and I think the deep state will stop resisting Trump in the coming months (or simply leave government work).


3. The Mueller investigation looks like poisoned fruit at this point. The IG Report undercuts Mueller’s leadership and rationale for investigating. Comey and McCabe were corrupt, and Trump should never have left them in office, which ends any discussion about obstruction of justice. I suspect that the IG Report wants to get as many of the Spygate figures out into the open in order to squeeze them for info. This is how you start that process.


4. Hillary should be very worried. The Clinton Foundation and Uranium One investigations are still ongoing, and all the leakers and Clinton apparatchiks in the FBI are now gone. She won’t be able to mess around with the investigations from afar. It might be better for her to approach the DOJ and make a deal. Trump doesn’t really care about Hillary (she’s old news) but he does care about Spygate and ending the Obama era. What does Hillary know about it and how can Trump use it to his advantage? If I were Hillary, I’d make a deal as fast as I could.


5. A whole lot of media figures, lobbyists, and congressmen are going to be in trouble for bribing FBI officials. Check point #2- all the FBI agents involved will be fired. I expect more fun in eliminating that corrupt backroom dealing game. When it is revealed, a good number of reporters are going to either go to jail or resign from their jobs. Since the media is mostly leftist and exists to prop up the Democratic party, this will damage the media’s ideological narrative control. What’s going to happen when the Dems can’t hide their criminal activities anymore? In the near future we’re going to get a (more) level playing field than we used to have, and it’s going to free the GOP to act without needing to GOPe things to appease the Deep State.

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2 thoughts on “The IG Report’s Second Take

  1. 3 – Poisoned Fruit before this, but now it’s set in stone. Mueller’s investigation is predicated on a known to the FBI to be Fraudulent document that was used as a pretext for unlawfully obtained FISA Warrants, making it tainted by Fraud and Fourth Amendment violations out of box.

    Once tainted by the other one, his stuff became poisoned fruits at the same time the FISA Warrants did. Nothing of Mueller’s stuff is valid right now and Mannafort should be screeching 4th Amendment violations on his part right about now.


  2. I’m not so sure that Trump should work to make a deal with Hillary, because, in one sense, the Left would LIKE that – us being used to take out one of their no-longer-favored accomplices.

    Yes, bring out ALL the dirt into the sunlight. But, don’t worry about whether or not she does, in fact, get sent to jail – or not. One item that has to be on the line in any plea deal – a FELONY conviction has to be a part of it. She needs to lose her voting privileges (perhaps make the deal contingent on her accepting a LIFETIME ban from voting/running for office – that explicitly would NOT be affected by a pardon).


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