It’s June. How bad is the midterm elections going to look for the left? My prediction? Thanks in large part to their crass media commentary and bully behavior on social media, pretty damn bad. You can’t pull the crap that Samantha Bee and Michelle Wollf did without some serious cultural repercussions.

Samantha Bee
(Shut your mouths, you filthy conservatives! You don’t get to talk!)

In politics, the next day can change your entire political calculations., We’ve seen it happen many times. No one cares about farm subsidies if there’s a terror attack. A major celebrity scandal can suck the life out of political maneuvering. But there are some givens that I can project for the (2018) mid-term elections for later this year. And it bodes ill-news for the left.

The left wants to paint Trump and his supporters as a bunch of racists (they’re not), but their media torpedoes keep circling back at them. In the wake of Roseanne Barr’s reprehensible comments, the left cultural media has gone into overdrive to protect their own potty-mouth figures. They are protecting Samantha Bee after her vulgar attacks on Ivanka Trump as well as Joy Reid and Steve Colbert after their homophobic statements. It’s not an isolated problem- most of Bee’s Full Frontal writing crew has said as bad if not worse statements on social media. We’ve also got the left media stating that MS-13, a violent Mexican drug gang, isn’t a bunch of animals (because they don’t like Trump’s immigration policies). They think that Stormy Daniels, an aging porn star who wants attention, is a saint because she might-somehow-hopefully-wish-upon-a-bone get Trump impeached.

(I didn’t want to post a picture of Stormy, so here’s a picture of a watermelon instead. They look the same, anyways)

It never freaking ends. There’s constant whining and bullying from Jim Acosta on CNN; Jimmy Kimmel can’t stop complaining about Trump; John Oliver on HBO is just a nonstop rant-a-thon; Michelle Wolff’s disgusting comments about Sarah Huckabee-Sanders didn’t punish her- she now has a Netflix show as a reward. And I haven’t even gotten to the cultural damage that Antifa’s bloody street fights have caused or the racial damage that Black Lives Matters has caused every time they riot.

Antifa thug
(What’s gonna happen when the right fights back against these bullies?)

The left owns all of this. All of it. And I bet they won’t stop it anytime soon.

Since Trump’s election victory in 2016, the left has lost their goddamn minds. The left has become a national freakout movement and they think that his election legitimizes their complete childish and vulgar meltdown on the national stage. On their side, there is no one telling them that they’ve gone too far- they will simply ramp up the violence all the way to the fall. There’s no one to stop their post-election temper tantrum.

(Oh, grow up already, you goddamn overgrown leftist babies. Someone should have spanked you)

Let’s be honest, though. This didn’t happen overnight. The left has absolved itself from any cultural responsibility the moment they gave Bill Clinton a pass for raping people. And then used cultural outlets like The Daily Show to mock everyone who isn’t on their side and delegitimize civil discourse.

Come the mid-term elections, the more crass and racist stunts that they pull (and get away with), the more people are going to drift into the right-of-center Trump camp. The Democrats were already demographically in trouble with 2018, but the further they push the cultural envelope with mean and childish antics (let alone actual political violence) they are going to get a cultural backlash that makes 1968 look like child’s play.

And what really is bad news for the left is that they’re already at peak jerk levels. What the heck will they do for an encore leading up to November?


4 thoughts on “The Left, their Ongoing Cultural Freakout, and the Midterm elections.

  1. I don’t think Roseanne Barr made “reprehensible comments,” she made one failed joke gave ABC management and others a chance to virtue-signal and erase someone pro-Trump from the airwaves.


  2. “What the heck will they do for an encore leading up to November?”

    Guarantee a win in some races by shooting the Republican candidate?


  3. MS-13 is from Central America; Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador, not Mexico.
    Suffolk County, NY, has received more than 4,700 UAC’s since 2014, more than any other county in the US. The last body count I read was 18 teenagers horribly murdered by MS-13 in the last 30 months. And the shame of it is that the victims are exclusively minority (Hispanic). MS-13 preys on its own ethnicity.
    For anyone to defend these animals is beyond the pale and nothing but rank politics to appeal to the uninformed.


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