……and immediately start cussing up a storm, and everyone else leaves the bar in disgust. I won’t repeat either of their comments here, but you can find them online if you want to. However, in a move that should shock no one, Roseanne was fired by ABC and her show was cancelled. But I’ll go out on a limb and say that Samantha Bee’s Full Frontal won’t get the same treatment. Why? Because Samantha Bee is part of the protected leftist caste. I’m not defending Roseanne’s statements (and ABC was well within their rights to cancel her show), but I do believe that the media and the left in general have long protected their own from any sort of cultural and common-sense responsibility. And this is just one more example in a long list of mean comments and actions that have been excused over and over again, in the name of ideological leftist purity. Free speech for me, you don’t get to speak, you dirty conservatives!

Samantha Bee
(Yes, I am a nasty woman)

Yes, it’s good that Bee apologized, but the damage is done. Go look at how many people on the left celebrated (and are still celebrating) her comments. If the left was sincere in handling all over-the-line comments they should treat Samantha Bee with the same cultural consistency when they quickly pulled the plug on Roseanne.

And it’s not just Samantha Bee. How many times has Steven Colbert and Keith Olbermann gone overboard? How about Jimmy Kimmel? And Bill Maher? What about the NFL kneelers? And don’t think that people haven’t noticed that Kathy Griffin is trying to rehabilitate her career after her beheading video. And then there are the countless leftist jackasses on twitter and other social media who can’t string a bunch of sentences together without telling conservatives they’re not human and should be exterminated. Where do they get that from? Answer: the Samantha Bees of the leftist cultural media structure.

The left has let these adult children run amok, who bully and show now fear thanks to the lack of any real consequences for their actions. It allows many leftists to believe that it’s okay to be as mean and violent as possible to conservatives (and anyone who leaves the leftist reservation). Countless Trump supporters were attacked during and after the election with eggs, fists, rocks, and worse. Antifa has already responded by beating conservatives up, and college campuses are war zones for normies and conservatives. Conservatives are routinely silenced on youtube, Facebook and Twitter (while leftists get away with actual hate speech). Republican congressmen have been shot and beaten up. How many more of these leftist jerks will it take for the left to police itself?

Kill Trump
(Should this be normalized, Samantha Bee?)

Trump supporter attacked 1
(He’s not human, right? Just another thing to attack in the name of the #Resistance?)

Trump supporter attacked 2
(I bet that Samantha Bee wished she could do this to Ivanka)

It’s good that the left is circling the wagons on Samantha Bee. She’s apologized, which is good. But I considerably doubt they’ll fire her or that she’ll learn her lesson. Just like Roseanne, her comments should not be tolerated. But it remains an isolated reaction by the left- I just hope that the left doesn’t wait to fix things until after someone (or someones) on the left reaches for violence and kills people. Or the right takes matters into their own hands and forces the left to heel.

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